Dry Eye Syndrome

Tear Lab Technology

With one gentle touch to the corner of your eye, we take a tear sample and quickly get a number indicating the health of the tears. Once one of our optometrists has this exact reading, they are able to prescribe the best course of treatment.

Meibomian Gland Functional Analysis

Meibomian glands are located in the eyelids and produce critical oils. These oils prevent tear evaporation. Our doctors evaluate the quality and quantity of these oils.

Evaluation of Tear Film

By applying dyes, our doctors can evaluate how well the tears are coating the surface of the eye; how stable the tears are; and how quickly they evaporate.

Evaluate for damage to the surface of the eye

Using dyes, the doctors can evaluate for damaged tissue. The amount of damage seen allows our specialists to decide the best way to treat your dry eye disease.

Subjective Questionnaire

At our Advanced Dry Eye Center, we use the Standard Patient Evaluation of Eye Dryness (SPEED) survey. This is completed at your initial consultation and again during the course of your treatment to monitor for improving symptoms.

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