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At Stirling Eye Center we are proud to offer the Tear Lab, advanced technology which provides a more accurate diagnosis and treatment of your dry eyes. We also specialize in contact lenses for dry eyes and can guide you on the latest contacts from all the large brands. Our optometrists are passionate about treating dry eyes and will explain clearly and with patience about the treatment options and helpful tips for being dry eye free.

Dry Eye
Dry Eye

What is Dry Eye Disease?

Dry eye disease is when a person’s eyes do not produce enough tears or the tears that they do produce are not of a good quality. It is usually caused by computer, cell phone or electronic device usage. Other causes include blood pressure, birth control and depression medications. Any eye surgery, aging, diabetes, hormonal changes and auto-immune disease also cause dry eye disease.

TearLab Testing at Stirling Eyecare Center

If you are like many of our patients, you have likely suffered from dry, itchy eyes for many years. Optometrists admit that dry eye is one of the most common problems patients complain about but it is also the most under-diagnosed ocular disease. The reason for this is simple. Until now, there was no way for the eye doctor to know how serious your condition was. Did your dry eye warrant real treatment? Was it severe? Was it only slight?

tear lab

TearLab Technology

With the new TearLab system, our Butler optometrists are able to get accurate, fast results with clear cut answers. Is this severe dry eye? What is the treatment? What’s the prognosis?

Dry Eye Test At Our Butler Optometry Practice

With one gentle touch to the corner of your eye, we take a tear sample and quickly get a number indicating the health of the tears.

Dry Eye Treatment At Stirling Eyecare Center

Once one of our optometrists has this exact reading, they are able to prescribe the best course of treatment. Some options for treatment include over the counter eye drops, prescription drops, punctal duct plugs, specialty contact lenses, nutritional supplements or other treatments.

If you feel that you are experiencing symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome, contact Stirling Eyecare Center to schedule an appointment.